Spread awareness by posting pictures and videos of the beautiful ocean in Henoko

Video via Kaiya Y.


Action 1: Post pictures and videos of the Henoko ocean to show the beauty of Oura Bay. Spread awareness of the destruction of such a beautiful place with others.

  • Time needed to complete: 5 minutes

  • DO:

    • Find pictures from this website or elsewhere of the water, coral reef, shells, and animals of Oura Bay. Save these pictures.

    • Click HERE for photos from Flickr, or HERE to see my Instagram feed.

    • Post any pictures/videos on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.). Explain what's happening to this beautiful ocean.

    • Call on others to spread these pictures. Use the hashtag "#riseforhenoko" when posting so people around the world can see this sacred ocean.

Action 2: Add the "#RiseForHenoko" profile picture frame on Facebook.

  • Time needed to complete: 3 minutes

  • DO:

    • Step 1:​ Go to this link and sign in.

    • Step 2: Select "Change Picture." Choose your picture to post or repost as your profile. Select "Add a frame."

    • Step 3: Select the "#RiseforHenoko" frame from the menu or search for the frame.

    • Step 3: Click "Use as Profile Picture." Choose how long you want to keep this your banner. Save.

    • Share the link to uploading the profile banner on your social media for others to upload.

Please follow and spread posts from this INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT ( as well for more photos of Henoko. You can also go to the Photos page for a Flickr photostream and the Contact page of this website for links to these social media accounts to share.
Thank you!

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