Stay informed and share information on Henoko with others in your own community

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Via Kaiya Y, August 2018


Action #1: Write to teachers about Henoko and ask them to bring curriculum into the classroom.

  • Time needed to complete: 15 minutes 

  • DO:

    • Send a message, an email or a letter to teachers you know. Tell them about Henoko and Oura Bay. Ask them to teach about the ecosystem and the Uchinanchu people's fight  to protect the ocean. 

    • See example letter at bottom of page by Adam Sanchez, Social Studies teacher of New York City.

    • Let teachers know that curriculum on Henoko will be available on Zinn Education Project website later this summer. Click HERE to see the Zinn Education Project website. 

Action #2: Teachers: Please share ideas and stories of how you teach about Henoko from elementary through high school. 

  • Time needed to complete: 15 minutes 

  • DO:

    • Share ideas/photos/stories of your teaching on Henoko.

    • See example by Cory Bettinger, Science teacher in Spain via Portland, Oregon. She writes to teachers about the need to teach about Henoko while sharing curriculum ideas.  

Action #3: Get education. Stay informed. Spread the education to others.

  • Time needed to complete: 15 minutes 

  • DO:

    • Click HERE for this website's "News" tab. See the list of news articles we recommend for learning about Henoko. Read, share and spread.

    • Check back regularly on this website for news updates.

EXAMPLE LETTER (Action #1) to teachers by Adam Sanchez of New York City:

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EXAMPLE LETTER (Action #2) to teachers by Cory Bettinger in Spain:

Cory's letter - part 1.png
Cory's letter - part 2.png
Cory's letter - part 3.png
Cory's letter - part 4.png
Cory's letter - part 5.png
Cory's letter - part 6.png