Please continue to share "Our Island's Treasure" with the world in this fight to protect the ocean.

Note before continuing:


This website and documentary were created in the hopes to spread awareness of the crisis in Henoko and urge the rest of the world to act in solidarity with Uchinanchu activists fighting to protect this sacred ecosystem. Thank you for continuing to share these stories, messages, and action steps with the world!

After the creation of "Our Island's Treasure," I have had the opportunity to continue spreading it at different events. I would like to share this below, not just to show the importance of the message within the film, but also to show the solidarity that has been able to come out of the ongoing activism of these powerful Uchinanchu activists. Please click the links to see more information. I hope this inspires and urges others to continue sharing these stories and actions.


The ongoing destruction of the ocean in Henoko-Oura Bay impacts us all over the world, and I hope these resources can help share ways to support this cause. Thank you again for taking a part in this change and protection of these sacred islands and ocean.

Recognitions and Awareness
A huge thank-you to each of these events for including the documentary and its message:

Film Festivals:
    -   Best Documentary Award, Best of PPS Film Festival (2020)
    -   Official Selection, DisOrient Film Festival (2020)
    -   Official Selection, Fresh Film Northwest (2020)
Film Screenings:
    -   Chicago (IL) Screening (2019)
    -   Grant High School (OR) Film Screening (2020)
    -   Honolulu (HI) Film Premiere (2019)
    -   Oakland (CA) Film Screening and Himeyuri (2019)
    -   Seattle (WA) Washington State Labor Council Screening (2020)
    -   Zoom Screening hosted by Mount Baker Meaningful Movies (2020)
News Articles about Documentary Process:
    -   Teen Vogue Article (2019)
    -   東京新聞: 米の日系女子高生 辺野古移設 母国に問う 工事をドキュメンタリーに (2019)
    -   琉球新報: 辺野古の現状、米で発信 県系2世の高校生与那嶺さん 各地で自作映像上映 (2019)
    -   Discover Nikkei Blog (2019)
    -   Ryukyu Shimpo article (English version) (2019)
    -   琉球新報:「辺野古について知っていますか?」米在住で県系2世の高校生が辺野古のドキュメ.          ンタリー作品を発信 SNSで拡散 (2019)
    -   Global Uchinanchu Alliance (GUA) Blog (2019)
    -   Ten Thousand Things Blog (2019)
    -   沖縄タイムス: 基地問題 沖縄と米つなぐ/米オレゴンの高校生 与那嶺さん/沖国大で交流「希.            望.もらった」(2019)
Other Opportunities (most recent to oldest):
    -   Loochoo nu Kwa Podcast episode with Eric Wada (2020)
    -   Kara's Kids Feature via KATU News (2020)
    -   Prudential Spirit of Community Awards via KATU News (2020)
    -   Panel at Lewis and Clark College's Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Ethnic Studies  (2019)
    -   琉球新報: 「辺野古ノー」米で訴えVFP総会「現状と課題の共有を」(2019)
    -   Feature at National Convention of Veterans For Peace via Ryukyu Shimpo (2019)
    -   Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) Think Out Loud Interview Segment (2019) 
    -   Feature on the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Library Okinawa Collection (2019)