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During the process of interviewing/documenting the activism in Henoko, I was able to capture the movement through photos in addition to the short film. This is a collection of photos taken at Henoko at different times, in hopes to continue spreading the urgency of this crisis. 

Please like, follow, and share this Flickr profile with your communities, and utilize these photos in posts and/or messages of solidarity for Henoko on social media. Some images from my photostream are posted below. Keep spreading the word!


My name is Kaiya, and I am an 18-year-old Okinawan-American college student from Portland, Oregon. I went back to Henoko in the spring of 2019 because I was frustrated with the silence of media around this crisis. 


I wanted to make a documentary to show the world what's happening. My documentary, "Our Island's Treasure," focuses on the current destruction of the beautiful Okinawan ocean in Henoko and the fight by native Uchinanchu people to protect it.

The information on all of the action ideas are listed in detail on this website. Please help spread awareness. 


This is an emergency. Let's rise for Henoko!



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