"Our Island's Treasure" Documentary
Directed and Produced by Kaiya Yonamine



The concrete began to crush the beautiful ocean of Okinawa back in December of 2018. But even when feeling devastated about what's happening in Henoko, there was no media in the U.S. about it. Nothing in textbooks. Nothing in my classes. Nothing anywhere.

I knew my family was hurting, and I knew my mom's island a ocean are being destroyed. But I also knew that people are fighting with their lives on the line for the ocean, and for us - all of us. So I decided I needed to take a camera and bridge us across the ocean. With the help of my family and community, I fundraised to fly back to Okinawa in March and April of 2019. People in my high school bought lots of cookies for my bake sale and friends came over to help make thousands of paper cranes I sold. Spending 3 weeks in Okinawa and listening to the stories of people on the ground, I made this documentary to tell the world their story and show their fight - our fight.

The documentary is the result of interviewing Uchinanchu elders and student activists who are doing everything to protect our sacred ocean, even when the media ignores what's happening. Please help spread it to people around the country, and around the world.

Documentary Trailer