Contact local groups and offices to raise awareness and support action for Henoko

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Via Kaiya Y, March 2019


Action #1: Ask local organizations and groups for a solidarity statement on protecting Henoko. 

  • Time needed to complete: 15 minutes 

  • DO:

    • Ask local organizations and groups in your area to write solidarity statements. 

    • See letter-writing template at bottom of page created by Jessica Thompson in Portland, Oregon. 

Action #2: Start creating a city resolution that supports the immediate stopping of U.S. base construction in Henoko-Oura Bay.

  • Time needed to complete: 1 hour

  • DO:

    • See examples of city and state resolutions from across the U.S. that call on the immediate halting of the U.S. base construction in Henoko-Oura Bay.

      • For Berkeley, California, click HERE.​

      • For Cambridge, Massachusetts, click HERE.

      • For the State of Hawai'i, click HERE.

    • Post and share 1 or more of these resolutions. Tag your city commissioners and/or state representatives and ask them to consider similar resolutions. 

    • Email/write to your city commissioners and propose a drafting and adoption of a resolution. Post and share your email or letter. Tag your post with "#riseforhenoko."

      • If your area is able to proceed further: Draft and propose the resolution with local advocates and community members

TEMPLATE OF LETTER TO ORGANIZATIONS (Action #1) by Jessica Thompson of Portland, Oregon:

Jess' template - part 1.png
Jess' template - part 2.png