"Our Island's Treasure" Extra Footage

About Exclusive Interviews - Note
During the creation of the documentary "Our Island's Treasure" in the spring of 2019, I was able to hold onto footage from interviews with Uchinanchu elders and intergenerational activists in their fight to protect the ocean in Henoko. Due to the short time frame of the film, some of this footage did not make it into the final product. However, I still wanted to find a way to share the full stories.

This time, I am working on a series of exclusive interviews featuring people who were in the documentary, but also others who were not able to be added due to time constraints. Each individual interviewed is an Uchinanchu activist that has devoted their work to fighting the ocean destruction in Henoko-Oura Bay, and talk about their activism as well as ways people all over the world can support. From environmental protection, to the indigenous rights movement, to the women's rights movement in relation to military bases, each full interview will show different aspects that make up this huge crisis - and how we can help.

Unfortunately, this video series is not completed yet but will be updated as soon as the editing and publishing is completed. Please check back into this website (and social media platforms at the bottom of this page) for any updates.
Please continue to share this website and action steps with your community and network.
Let's rise for Henoko!

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