Urge them to help protect the environment of the Henoko-Oura Bay region.

Source: Public Relations and Liaison Division Planning Department, Nago City Office

Action #1: Submit and share your support online for the environmental lawsuit against the Department of Defense. 

  • TIME NEEDED FOR ACTION: 5 minutes 

  • DO:

    • Click here to go to Center for Biological Diversity's online letter writing campaign. Use the pre-filled option or personalize your message. 

    • Share widely with your community and network. 

    • Background: The Center for Biological Diversity along with other environmental groups, environmental lawyers and Okinawan community members have sued the Department of Defense. Both the U.S. Marine Mammas Commission and the World Conservation Union have confirmed that the base is a serious threat to the dugongs, which are entitled to protection under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Click here for the brief filed in 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco on 1/8/2019 and learn as they await trial. 

Action #2: Post information on the environmental impact of the base in Henoko and tag environmental organizations. 

  • TIME NEEDED FOR ACTION: 10 minutes 

  • DO:

    • Click here to post flyers from the Nago City Office of the Henoko region. 

    • Click here to post the list of "Red List of Threatened Species" by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) that lists the dugong as a critically endangered species. 

    • Click here to post the video from Greenpeace on the dugong habitat. 

    • Tag local, national and international environmental organizations and ask them to join the fight to protect Oura Bay.

    • See below for a possible list of environmental and climate justice organizations. 

Action #3: Write a personal email to environmental organizations and ask them to join the fight to protect Henoko.

  • TIME NEEDED FOR ACTION: 15 minutes 

  • DO:

    • Write and submit your letter.

    • See below for a possible list of environmental and climate justice organizations. 

    • Post and share your letter with others. Add "#riseforhneoko" 

Possible environmental and climate justice organizations to reach out to:

Center for Biological Diversity

CIER: Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources

Citizens Climate Lobby

Coral Reef Alliance

Council of Canadians

Cultural Survival

David Suzuki Foundation

Environmental Defense Fund

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth U.S.

Global Coral Reef Alliance

Greenpeace International

Greenpeace Japan

Greenpeace PNW

Greenpeace USA

Indigenous Environmental Network

Institute for Policy Studies


La Via Campesina

Oxfam International

Oxfam America

Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Project AWARE

Reef Alliance

Reef Check Australia

Reef Check Foundation

Reef Check Philippines

Rising Tide North America

Sierra Club

Third World Network

Union of Concerned Scientists

United Nations Envrionment Programme

The Wilderness Society

Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network

Women’s Voices for the Earth

Worldwatch Institute

Worldwatch Institute Europe

World Wildlife Fund


350 Seattle


My name is Kaiya, and I am a 17-year old Okinawan-American high school student from Portland, Oregon. I recently went back to Henoko this spring because I was frustrated with the silence of the media around this crisis. 


I wanted to make a documentary to show the world what's happening. My documentary, "Our Island's Treasure," focuses on the current destruction of the beautiful Okinawan ocean in Henoko and the fight by native Uchinanchu people to protect it. Please help spread awareness.


In addition, as a youth member of the Global Uchinanchu Alliance, we organized our first National Week of Action for Henoko on 5/26 - 6/1 and will continue to call on collective action from within the U.S. The information on all of the action ideas are listed in detail on this website. Please join us and share with all of your networks. 


This is an emergency. Let's rise for Henoko!

© 2019 Created by Kaiya Yonamine.