Tell your Representatives to demand the stopping of U.S. base construction in Henoko. 

Source: Ryukyu Shimpo, 5/18/2019

Action #1: Submit online letters to Congressional Representatives of your area. Urge them to take your demands to stop the base construction in Henoko to the larger Congress.  


  • DO:

    • Click here to go to Friends of the Earth's online letter writing campaign. Use the pre-filled option or personalize your message. 

    • Share widely with your community and network. 


Action #2: Write a personalized letter to your Congressional Representatives.

  • TIME NEEDED FOR ACTION: 15 minutes

  • DO:

    • Click here to find your House Representatives by your zip code.

    • Click here to find your Senate Representatives by your zip code.

    • See bottom of this page for example letter by Jan Gillespie of Portland, Oregon.


Action #3: Post and share your personalized letter to your friends, family and community.


  • DO:

    • Post and share your letter with others on social media. Add "#riseforhenoko" to spread.

    • Send a copy to the contact person of your region so that organizers from Global Uchinanchu Alliance can help advocate to the Representatives in your area. You can find your regional contacts here.  

    • See this link for more information on Global Uchinanchu Alliance.



EXAMPLE LETTER to Congressional Representatives by Jan Gillespie of Portland, Oregon:


My name is Kaiya, and I am a 17-year old Okinawan-American high school student from Portland, Oregon. I recently went back to Henoko this spring because I was frustrated with the silence of the media around this crisis. 


I wanted to make a documentary to show the world what's happening. My documentary, "Our Island's Treasure," focuses on the current destruction of the beautiful Okinawan ocean in Henoko and the fight by native Uchinanchu people to protect it. Please help spread awareness.


In addition, as a youth member of the Global Uchinanchu Alliance, we organized our first National Week of Action for Henoko on 5/26 - 6/1 and will continue to call on collective action from within the U.S. The information on all of the action ideas are listed in detail on this website. Please join us and share with all of your networks. 


This is an emergency. Let's rise for Henoko!

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